1188-2 Urasa, Minamiuonuma, Niigata

949-7302, Japan


GIT Park @ MU is located about 230 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. The nearest town is Urasa and can be accessed by the Joetsu-Shinkansen (Bullet train), Joetsu line trains and buses.

By Bullet Train – Joetsu Shinkansen
Take a Toki SuperExpress to “Urasa” station about 90 min. from Tokyo station. GIT Park is five minutes walk from “Urasa” station (East Exit).

By Highway Bus
Take a Niigata bound highway bus either from Shinjuku Railway Station or Ikebukuro Railway Station up to Muikamachi. From Muikamachi station to Urasa station, take a train or bus. It takes about 4 hours in total.

By car using the Highway
Take either “Muikamachi” Exit or “Koide” Exit (about 3.5 hours from Tokyo, and then follow Route 17 to Urasa Station.