A Global Platform to unleash the power of Small and Medium Enterprises

Information Communication Technology is transforming the world around us. It has become the core of innovation in every industry. The impact is being felt across all sectors and continents. The potential to tackle the grand challenges of our time have been given a new lease of life.

Adam-i Consulting together with the local Government of Minami Uonuma City to launch a global platform for SMEs in Japan, The GIT Park @ MU. It provides ample business opportunities to unleash the power of small and medium enterprises in Japan and rest of the world. The Global IT Park – Minami Uonuma will become the gateway for foreign IT companies to build business collaborations with Japanese SMEs.

Our Vision

To enlist unique IT companies around the world to create breakthrough innovation by merging its core competencies.

Japan’s lucrative yet challenging IT sector will be able to build greater Japan-Asian SME engagement by working with the expertise of Adam-I Consulting and their network of partners in Japan and across Asia.

99% of Japanese Companies are SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a pivotal pillar in the global economy, accounting for about 99% of all companies, 70% of employees and over half of value creation in Japan. They play a critical role in innovation, advancement and sustainable development worldwide. In Japan specifically, the provincial areas are supported by SMEs, revitalizing local economies and boosting employment across the country.

In today’s increasingly globalized world, SMEs around the world have to compete globally. They are both dynamic and vulnerable, so there is a need for a platform to promote the collaboration and exchange for SMEs to help them grow. The challenges they face are manifold. They must attract and keep the right talent, adapt their strategy for different stages of growth, and be able to scale and grow in challenging global environments. Particularly in the information technology sector, such parameters are especially crucial for ventures, due to the rapidly evolving nature of the business.

Yet, policies toward SMEs in Japan are changing for the better, with local governments having programmes to support SMEs financially and organizationally. Adam-I Consulting’s unique partnership with Minami Uonuma City is an example of this type of support. The time is ripe for Asian companies to forget new links with Japanese SMEs, in the most supportive atmosphere till date in Japan.

Strength of SMEs

The health of the enormous SME sector in Japan is important to boost economic growth in the country. However, SMEs in Japan have been hit hard by the economic recession of 2008, and are reliant on the saturated domestic economy – their prospects are uncertain as the population ages further and domestic demand is stagnant. Japanese SMEs also lag their international counterparts in terms of tapping the global market, lacking both the information and the capabilities to expand internationally.

This is where the GIT Park @ MU comes in. We aspire to strengthen Japanese companies by providing an open platform to work with world class IT companies, in the heart of Japan. GIT is the first venture of its kind to provide the facilities, network and opportunity to fill this timely and critical need.

Niigata Prefectural Government

Niigata prefecture is home for more than 83000 SMEs. Electronic components and devices, machinery, chemicals, metallic products, and food products are the main industries. The government is determined to make every effort to revitalize the local economy and conduct necessary reforms in order to create a robust, self-sustaining Niigata. The governor, Hirohiko IZUMIDA has expressed his fullest corporation towards the establishment of the global IT park and are considering special support schemes for the potential companies that will be investing in the GIT Park @ MU.

Minami Uonuma City

Minami Uonuma is a beautiful four season city located in Niigata Prefecture, just 82 minutes away from Tokyo by bullet train (Shinkansen). The area is famous for manufacturing automotive and electronic parts as well as agriculture. Niigata prefecture is a home for more than 83000 small and medium companies.

In line with the “Abenomics” Economic Growth Policy, Minami Uonuma city has formulated its revitalization strategy based on IT. The city has carefully crafted a 15 year master plan to attract 350 IT companies from foreign countries. The aim is to support local companies in achieving the next level of growth through IT and innovation.

Adam-i Consulting

Adam-i is a global consulting firm that specializes in inbound and outbound strategy services with a particular focus on emerging markets.

Adam-i has opened doors for many Japanese and foreign companies, helping them seize business opportunities beyond their borders.

Through years of experience in the fields of inbound & outbound research, consulting and training, Adam-i has realized the importance of global input for Japanese IT companies to be able to build world class solutions.

In the new age of innovation, every customer is unique and no single firm alone can satisfy the unique needs of individual customers. The key to innovation in the future is satisfying such needs through multiple vendors tapping into seamless global networks.

The unique Global IT Park concept has been developed by Adam-i with the aim of combining the core competencies of companies in Japan and emerging Asia, to thrive in global competition.

International University of Japan (IUJ)

The International University of Japan (IUJ) was founded with the extensive support of Japan’s industrial, educational and local communities, to train professionals who can actively make contributions to international society with a high level of interdisciplinary and specialized knowledge.

IUJ equips students with interdisciplinary skills covering business, economics, politics and management as well as historical and cultural perspectives to take on global issues from their chosen profession. Offering an English-only curriculum, IUJ boasts seven Master’s level degrees and three PhDs in two graduate schools: the Graduate School of International Relations and the Graduate School of International Management. IUJ Business School has consistently ranked among the top 100 business schools in the world and the outright number one in Japan. The IUJ alumni network is spread across over 110 countries.

IUJ is working closely with Adam-i to bring innovative business avenues to GIT Park member companies.