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MOU Signing: Niigata State Govt, Minami Uonuma City Govt & IUJ officially join hands with Adam-i

From Left: GIT Park @ MU CEO Mr. Kaushal Wawlagala, Minami Uonuma city Mayor Mr. Ichiro Iguchi, Niigata State Governor Mr. Hirohiko Izumida, International University of Japan Vice President, Prof. Jay Rajasekara.


Global IT Park @ MU, a concept developed by Adam Innovations to revitalize Japan’s economy by strengthening its industry base through foreign IT expertise, was joined by Niigata state government, Minami Uonuma City government and International University of Japan (IUJ) on the 18th day of February, 2016. After 8 months since the initiation of the project in August, 2015; four parties agreed to provide their maximum support to realize the 15 year plan of attracting 350 foreign and Japanese companies to the GIT Park.

During the MOU signing ceremony, Mayor of Minami Uonuma Mr. Ichiro Iguchi stated that the easy access from Tokyo and global environment in Minami Uonuma makes it the best place for foreign companies to set up their businesses in Japan. He also mentioned that business operation in GIT Park alone can revitalize the city’s economy.

Mr. Hirohiko Izumida, the Governor of Niigata State (formerly Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Japan) mentioned that not only Minami Uonuma city but entire Niigata State has critical needs for foreign IT knowledge and know-how, specially in IoT and ITES sectors. He further mentioned that foreign IT expertise is essential to find solutions for various problems that arise from population aging problem in Japan and lack of human resources to maintain agriculture and other production industries.

Speaking of behalf of Professor Kimio Kase, President of IUJ, Professor Jay Rajasekara, Vice President of IUJ pointed out that international community in IUJ can add value to operations of GIT Park in many ways such as providing language training and cross cultural support. “IUJ being Japan’s number one business school, creates hundreds of talented young graduates every year. However they end up in big cities like Tokyo for jobs or return to their countries eventually. GIT Park can provide internships and jobs for such talents and so that such talents will remain in Minami Uonuma” he added.

Mr. Kaushal Wawlagala, CEO of Global IT Park and President of Adam Innovations Co.,Ltd mentioned GIT Park is a unique platform to connect foreign IT companies with over 3 million Japanese SMEs. “Adam Innovations being an inbound-outbound strategy consulting company , we have seen the difficulty for Japanese companies to succeed in global market and vice versa.Global IT Park ensures an easy entry strategy for foreign companies to Japan whereas Japanese companies can enter global market by working together with foreign companies while being in Japan” Mr. Wawlagala mentioned. He further mentioned that GIT Park @ MU, Japan’s first global IT park will convert Niigata State into the first IT hub of Japan.

During its intensive growth phase from 2016-2020, GIT Park plans to invite 70 foreign IT companies mainly from Asian IT savvy countries; India and Sri Lanka. The first international information session was held in Sri Lanka on the 25th of January, 2016 followed by international information sessions in Kerala and Gurgaon in India. More than 110 companies participated in the events and 16 software development companies will be selected to begin the pilot phase in summer 2016.

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