Bilingual Community

The IUJ campus located in the vicinity of GIT Park @ MU has about 400 students from about 50 countries and territories around the world. English is the shared language used in all classrooms other than Japanese Language Programs and for all administrative purposes. Therefore the entire student body, academic staff and administrative staff at IUJ speak English. This very factor makes Minami Uonuma a unique place where the world gathers. This makes it easier for the GIT Park members to fit in and adjust to the new atmosphere, helping them to feel at home away from home.

While Japanese is still the official and main business language in Japan, English is penetrating into business activities slowly. Since its establishment in 1980s, the IUJ community has been a highly influential factor in making the local community in Minami Uonuma bilingual. They are very supportive and respectful towards the foreigners living in the city and always come forward to offer help in every possible situation, be it offering you a ride to school while you are waiting for the bus or sharing their fruits/vegetables with you at the time of harvesting. The friendly and hospitable people in the city ensure that you experience the best while you are away from home.

Due to the large number of foreigners living in the city, various service providers that you come to contact in daily life offer their services in English too. The essential services such and medical consultation, banking services, post office related services and naturalization services are offered in English in most cases. On the other hand restaurants, supermarkets, barbershops and grocery stores have English speaking staff to cater to non-Japanese customers.