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Debug Creative Labs Co. Ltd

Microsoft Gold certified Debug Creative Labs is a leading provider of world class Education, Finance and Personal Management Systems to support changing need of education and finance institutions. Rich experiences in Education ERP that can handle all requirements needed in the University operations and also in the Financial solution that supports transactions of margin trading with scalable, comprehensive and intuitive UX architecture.

ERP / FinTech : Education, Finance & Personal Management
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Effective Solutions Japan Co. Ltd

IOT based technology company with expertise in both software and hardware engineering. Effective Solutions delivers IOT based solutions to their clients expanding from the standard physical layer to the application layer, making space for boundless innovations. Their domain expertise ranges across a wide spectrum from Healthcare to Weather Monitoring, Worldwide Mobile to GPS Tracking Services and Agriculture to Digitalization of Lands.

Digital Mesh / IOT Platform: Flexible, scalable Software Solutions
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Epic Technologies Japan Co. Ltd

A Technology leader specializing in secure payment and information security solutions in banking and finance industries. EPIC provides Omni-channel solutions for a wide range of business sectors to enhance bottom line performances.

FinTech: Secure Payment & Information Security Solutions
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Informatics Japan Co. Ltd

A pioneer IT company that offers numerous solutions catered to increasing the efficiency and operating functionality of any business or organization by taking scalability and flexibility into account.

ERP / FinTech : Cost Effective & Productive Software Solutions
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Xpetize Technology Solutions Japan Co. Ltd

A software and analytics company that supports clients to seize competitive advantage using social, mobile, analytics, connected machines and the cloud. Xpetize embraces speed-to-market and price performance to continuously deliver and achieve breakthrough solutions focused on business outcomes.

Digital Mesh/ IoT : SNS / Smartphone/ Analytics
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Evolve Technologies Japan Co. Ltd

A leading software development company specialized in ERP, CRM, Enterprise web and mobile applications in variety of business verticals such as finance, trading, retail, hospitality, education and manufacturing industries. Using a combination of technology capabilities and industry knowledge, Evolve Technologies accelerates business outcomes for its clients. Evolve provides specialized advisory services for small and medium size companies to transform their business applications to improve operational efficiency and lower operational costs.

ERP/ CRM / Hotel & Restaurant Management
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Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra Limited is an USD 5.2 billion Indian multinational technology company, providing information technology and business process outsourcing services across 90 countries. Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences. Tech Mahindra has 124,250+ professionals helping 988 global customers including Fortune 500 companies. Tech Mahindra has been recognised amongst India’s 50 best companies to work for in 2020 by the Great Place to Work®️ Institute.

Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Enterprise Business Solution, Data Analytics, Network Services, Cyber Security, Health care solutions, Telecom Product Engineering, Industry ioT and Digital Manufacturing solutions
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NetObjex is a Digital Twin Automation, AI and Blockchain company based in Californian USA. It has developed on Demand Platform for tracking, tracing and monitoring digital assets by leveraging IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies. NetObjex mission is to provide enterprises and technology companies with the most comprehensive Intelligent Automation platform for tracking, tracing and monitoring digital assets across different industry verticals by leveraging the power of IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies.

Digital Twin Automation, AI and Blockchain Solutions
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GEMINI Software Solutions

GEMINI Software Solutions is a subsidiary of Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group of Companies in UAE. GEMINI specializes in Business Application Software development, in Client/Server & Web Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services.

Logistic and warehouse management, shipping solutions, HR and REP Solutions
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NeoVibe is a young dynamic company in India. They provide innovative information technology solutions and business processes to its clients across the globe.

Mobile application development, web development, enterprise application development, Product engineering and app testing services
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