Localization Support

All foreign nationals residing legally in Japan for a medium to long term (remain in Japan for over 90 days) with the status of residence under the Immigration Control Act are required to register themselves in the administrative unit that they are residing. It is usually the city office or the ward office in big towns are taking care of these administrative procedures. In the case of Minami Uonuma, the city office is responsible for registering the foreigners that move in to the city. The city office will issue your Residence Card containing below information.

The card will contain a portrait photo of the individual and the following information:

  • Legal items given
  • Name in full, date of birth, sex, nationality
  • Place of residence in Japan
  • Status of residence, period of stay, date of expiration
  • Type of permission, date of permission
  • Number of the residence card, date of issue, date of expiration
  • Existence or absence of working permit
  • Existence of permission to engage in an activity other than those permitted under the status of residence previously granted

After receiving the Residence Card, you can apply for the National Health Insurance Card to enjoy 70% waiver from all your medical costs.

Minami Uonuma city office is planning to offer above services and all other related services as a package for GIT Park at MU members within the IT park premises, for the convenience of the service recipients.

In addition, banks and other financial institutions will provide special bilingual support for account openings, financial support and all other bank related services.