Visa Support

In order to run a company or work in Japan, you must have either investor visa or working visa. After establishing the subsidiary company in Japan, the next step is to apply for visa for the persons who is responsible for running the company. Minimum one company director should be residing in Japan with the investor visa. The rest of the employees can apply for working visa. To be able apply for visa in Japan you must obtain a passport on your own, and your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your arrival in Japan. If that is not the case, please have it extended or apply for a new one before arriving in Japan. Establishment of the subsidiary company and visa applications will be processed by the Niigata prefecture government that has the jurisdiction over Minami Uonuma.

You also need to obtain a visa stamped in your passport before arriving in Japan in accordance with the Immigration Laws. Adam Innovations Co., Ltd along with Niigata prefecture will provide the documentation and technical support related to company establishment and visa application for GIT Park members before arriving in Japan and after you arrive. In the case you plan to invite your family members to Japan after establishing the company, you will be provided necessary advice and support too.