Minami Uonuma (Niigata) IT Park Project , Attracts Sri Lankan and Indian companies

Global IT Park project Minami Uonuma– an industrial base to accumulate foreign IT related companies. Minami Uonuma plans to attract Indian and Sri Lankan companies, and aims to revitalize the region by focusing on IT sector, which will spill over to other sectors. According to Minami Uonuma city, this idea to invite foreign IT companies to one place occurs for the first time in Japan. Minami Uonuma city plans to make use of its ties with International University of Japan that has many foreign students, however, the realization of the project and its effect are yet to achieve.

Mr.Wakai from Minami Uonuma city (Industries and Commerce Dpt), says “we can fully support prospective companies in terms of daily support and language, with International University of Japan in the vicinity” and “It takes less than 1 and half hours to come to office from Tokyo.” The city officers in charge of this projects are now preparing for materials for IT Park promotion events in India and Sri Lanka held next year January.Minami Uonuma starts the project with 16 IT companies from India and Sri Lanka, two popular IT hubs in the South Aisa. Minami Uonuma city plans to inaugurate the park in the summer 2016.

Adam Innovations Co., Ltd is the main partner to promote the project internationally and responsible for selecting prospective companies from India and Sri Lanka. Adam Innovations is currently preparing for promotional events in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Trivandrum, Kerala and in New Delhi and the events will be held in January 2016.

The potential companies will be top companies with diversified domain expertise; such as medical and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, banking and finance, embedded systems and ERP. In the events, main areas to be discussed are; business package to be offered, business opportunities for the prospective companies and the life style and the support provided by the city for the prospective companies.
Adam Innovations hope to select 16 companies from among best candidates by the end of March 2016.

Minami Uonuma city aims to bring more than 100 companies by 2020. “We are confident that this project will be successful and its effects will boost the economy of the region. ” Mr.Koshigoe from Minami Uonuma (Industries and Commerce Dpt) says.

Minami Uonuma city also has Minami Uonuma CCRC project with the purpose of bringing elderly people from mega cites. Minami Uonuma is preparing for the set-up the CCRC community, 200 households, 400 people.
Both projects are taken as unique solutions for polulation decrease; Japan’s one of the critical problems.

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