Principal Secretary-IT and Industries, Kerala, India Mr. P.H. Kurian visited Minami Uonuma Global IT Park on 15th April 2016. Kerala was recently declared as the first digital state in India under Prime Minister Modi’s Digital India concept. During this visit the principal secretary met all key partners of G, Mayor of Minami Uonuma city – Mr Ichiro Iguchi, Governor of Niigata State – Mr. Izumida Hirohiko and President of International University of Japan – Dr. Ksae Kimio.

Mr. Kurian expressed his keen interest to support Global IT Park by sharing his knowledge and expertise in revitalizing the economy through IT  by taking Kerala as a success case. Niigata state aslo is in a similar situation as Kerala faced 20 years ago, therefore Kerala experience is vital to the success of Global IT Park, Mayor of Minami Uonuma city mentioned. During the meeting with the state governor at Niigata prefecture office, the governor stated that Niigata state itself has ample business opportunities for foreign IT companies specialize in IoT and AI in the areas of agriculture and healthcare sector. 

According to Principal Secretary-IT and Industries of  Kerala, Global IT Park, Minami Uonuma is a gateway for IT companies in Kerala to seize opportunities in Japanese market, through its Global Connect project.



Principal Secretary-IT & Industries, Kerala, India Mr. P.H. Kurian at the press conference in Minami Uonuma. Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Minami Uonuma are seated the right.



Dr. Kase Kimio, President of International University of Japan welcomes Mr. P.H. Kurian. Mr. Kaushal Wawlagala, President of Adam Innovations Co., Ltd is introducing Mr. Kurian to IUJ President.


Mr. P.H. Kurian visiting Samurai museum in Minami Uonuma